how will ai impact different industries in 2024

In 2024, AI is expected to impact various industries, bringing significant changes and improvements in various sectors. Major industries and relevant applications of AI in 2024 include: AI 2024

1. Manufacturing AI 2024

AI is being used to optimize supply chains, improve operational efficiency, and improve decision-making processes. It will also play an important role in building better factories, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

2. Health care

AI will continue to revolutionize health care by enabling early disease detection, personalized treatment plans, and drug development. It will also improve medical imaging, diagnosis and patient care.

3. Finance

AI is used for fraud detection, risk management and providing investment recommendations. It will also help automate processes and improve customer experience.


Artificial intelligence is being integrated into educational institutions to provide personalized learning experiences, improve teaching methods, and improve student outcomes.[2] [8]

5. Robotics

The goal of artificial intelligence is to create more advanced and autonomous robots that can be used in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and customer service.[3]

6.Human Resources

AI is used to optimize recruitment processes, analyze employee performance, and predict employee turnover [3] [9].

7. IT Services

AI will continue to be integrated into various IT services such as data analytics, natural language processing and cyber security.[ More ]

8. Marketing

AI is used to analyze customer data, predict market trends, and optimize marketing campaigns.[ More ]

9. Security

AI is used in security systems like image and facial recognition to improve security measures.[ More ]


AI is used to optimize energy consumption, forecast energy demand, and improve the efficiency of renewable energy systems.[10]

In 2024, AI 2024 will continue to transform these industries by increasing productivity, efficiency, and improving decision-making processes. As AI technologies evolve, companies and organizations must adopt ways to use AI responsibly and ethically.

Some of the main impacts on how AI will impact the job sector in 2024 could be:

Some of the main impacts on how AI will impact the job sector in 2024 could be:

  1. Creation of Jobs and New Roles: With the development of AI, new jobs may arise that will be in accordance with this technology. This may include jobs in new technical and research areas.
  2. Change in jobs: Some traditional jobs and roles may be freely changed or lost. For example, there may be a reduction in responsibilities for some manual tasks while the demand for new technical and data experts may increase.
  3. Importance of skill set: Individuals with high level of technical skills and technical knowledge may be in demand. Personal development and readiness to learn can also be important.
  4. Assistive technology: AI can provide support to jobs, for example, data analysis, automated processes, and help solve coordinated technical problems.
  5. Changing work routines: The routines of some jobs may change, as AI can handle more automated processes and help humans perform jobs to the best of their abilities.

It is important to note here that these are only possible effects and the reality may very likely differ. But with this type of technological forward-looking resource, it can be expected that there will be changes in the overall job sector that may point people in the direction of new and exciting jobs.

AI will impact many industries in 2024, here are some main examples:

  1. Health and medicine: AI can help in diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment of diseases and provide better medicine through data analysis. And it can be used to raise further health awareness.
  2. Financial Services: AI in financial services can be used in data analysis, monitoring transactions, and providing investment advice. Also, a higher perspective could be the use of AI in financial monitoring and research.
  3. Education: AI can diversify education, helping provide personalized learning and providing expertise to dedicate to study material.
  4. Retail: AI in marketing can be used to provide better service and expertise to customers, help suggest products, and assist with stock and logistics management.
  5. Production and Manufacturing: AI in the manufacturing sector can help improve automation, safety, and production processes, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.
  6. Communication and technical services: AI can help industries provide secure and communication technical services, as well as help different devices and systems interact with each other.
  7. Big Data and Analytics: Entrepreneurship and decision making can be helped by using AI through Big Data and Analytics in various industries.

These are some of the possible areas in which AI could impact in 2024. However, its actual impact may change over time and may involve more planning than in other industries.

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