Bihar News: Six national highways are planned to pass through this part of Bihar and New Hampshire Junction is under construction.

Bihar News: Six national highways are planned to pass through this part of Bihar and New Hampshire Junction is under construction.

Bihar News 6 National Highways will pass through the areas of East Bihar. Currently, two NHs pass through Bhagalpur, but soon four more NHs will pass through the region.

Currently, two national highways pass through Bhagalpur in Bihar , but soon four more national highways will pass through the region. All New Hampshire state roads passing through eastern Bihar connect at Bhagalpur. In such a situation, it will be very easy to reach any part of the country by road from Bhagalpur.

A look at these projects

A plan has been prepared to widen the 63 km long NH-133E Bhagalpur-Dhakamod-Bhaljor (Khansdiha) road connecting Bhagalpur with Jharkhand and Bengal. 35 hectares of land has been acquired at a cost of Rs 652 crore for the 10 meter wide road under construction.

2. NH-31 going from Maheshkhunt to Saharsa in Assam was cut in Khagaria. It is called NH-107. But after the construction of Phulaut bridge, it will be connected to road number 106 in Madhepur and will be directly connected to Bhagalpur.

3- As part of the Gridfield Corridor project , construction of the road from Munger to Mirzakhovka will begin in the near future. The four-lane stretch under construction has been designated NH 333A. This road will emerge from Mokama Begusarai NH 31 and go towards Jharkhand and Bengal via Munger and Bhagalpur bridges. The four-lane section from Munger Bridge to Mirzakhovka is designated NH 333A.

4. The four-lane bridge under construction parallel to Vikramshila Setu will connect Navgachia to NH-31 and Bhagalpur to NH-80. It was named NH 131B.

5. Construction of bridge on Kosi river in Phulaut will also start soon. From the approach road, the road leads to Veerpur (Supaul) via a bridge from Bihpur on NH-31. NH will construct this route. It will be called NH 106.

6. This expressway to be built in Bihar will be called Buxar-Bhagalpur Expressway and it will be built from Buxar to Bhagalpur. This Purvanchal Expressway with a total length of 350 kilometers will be connected to Bhagalpur.

About Bihar

Bihar is a state of India located in North India and its capital is Patna. The state is located along the Mediterranean Sea and borders Uttar Pradesh in the west, West Bengal in the east, Nepal in the north-east, Jharkhand in the south and Chhattisgarh in the west. Bihar is an ancient and cultural state of India with a rich history of various religious and cultural sites.

From a geographical point of view:

Bihar has an area of ​​approximately 94,163 square kilometers and is the 13th largest state of India. Bihar is drained by the Ganges and its tributaries, such as the Son, Gandak, Kosi, and Kagji, which are important for its cultivation.


Latitude – 24.20° North Longitude – 85.31° West


Bihar is a major populous state of India and has many tribes and a prosperous population. Bihar is the third largest state of India in terms of state population.

Language and Cultural Diversity:

Hindi and Bihari are the main languages ​​here, but many languages ​​and dialects are also used. Bihar also has a rich cultural heritage and is home to many ancient temples, monuments, and traditional festivals that reflect the diversity of the state.


There are many educational institutions in Bihar which provide education in various subjects. Patna is the major education hub of the state and has many universities and colleges that provide higher education to students.

Employment and Economy:

Agriculture is the mainstay of Bihar’s economy, and it leads in the production of paddy, wheat, cotton, and sugar. In addition, industry, mining, and services also contribute to the state’s economy.

major capital

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